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does anyone know of a decent cattery in the Waterloo area?
La Maison Du Chien has been recommended but I am unsure.
Are there any cat lovers out there that have experienced and are happy with the care given by La Maison Du Chien?

Many thanks,


No experience with that one, and don't know any in Waterloo, but just in case you are looking further afield I can thoroughly recommend Felis et Canis, (web site only in Dutch but the owner speaks excellent English). They have taken care of our cats many many times and we have been super happy with the service and the care given to our cats. Plus compared to La Maison du Chien (I took a look at their web site) there are a few advantages:
- despite the name, they board only cats (and rodents and birds though not together with the cats :-) - so less noise, which can be stressful to some cats
- if you book early enough you can get a cage which has an individual outside run, accessible whenever the cat wants - this has been great because ours are used to spending lots of time on the balcony and would really miss the fresh air

Nov 19, 2014 13:31

I have no experience with "La maison du chien" but I live in Waterloo and I love cats and dogs. If you need someone to take care of yours, I can do it instead of cattery.

Let me know if you are interested.

Maïté Bodeux

Nov 19, 2014 18:55

No experience with "Maison du chien" but I can recommend you a very nice lady in Waterloo who hosts only one cat at a time spoling him/her like her own ! Her email address is

Dec 21, 2014 16:52

Animal hotel Felis & Canis * cats * birds* rodents
Hello animal friends,
We have a small-scale quietly located hotel, that cares about animals. Whether you return home for a while, go on holiday, or need a temporary, safe place for your pet, we will personally take care of your pet with lots of love and attention. So they will feel that we are a second home for them. We are proudly open sinds 2005! And have a lot of experience at any level.
The cats all have an individual private inside stay, with a possibility an individual private country residence with a view on our garden for outdoor cats. We have two extra playgrounds, for them to play on individually or together.
With radio and sight to an aquarium.
Rodents and birds also stay with us in a room in the house. They are in their cage from home, or you can rent a cage from the hotel. The animals who are tam, they will have the time to go out of there cage separately to play.
We have our diplomas for medical care and behavioral therapy. So we can give your sweethearts the best care they deserve and give them a home away from home!
Feel free to contact us for any questions or make an appointment to introduction. 0032(0)15 76 23 40
We look forward to welcome you.
Find us on
Or Facebook for more pictures and movies...

May 2, 2015 15:06