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[Catalyst Talk] Peter Turchin: Saving Democracy

Full Circle
01/12/2023 from 17:15until 01/12/2023 - 17:15
1 Dec
Full Circle Brussels
Chaussée de Vleurgat 89
1050  Brussels

Democratic regimes and the idea of democracy itself is becoming increasingly unstable, including in Europe.

Complexity scientist Peter Turchin studies this phenomenon from a unique perspective, combining history, sociology, and mathematics. His conclusion is this: when the equilibrium between ruling elites and the majority tips too far in favour of elites, political instability is all but inevitable. We live in a world where rich and poor are divided by an ever-increasing gap. The elite gets richer and richer, leaving the rest of us to suffer more and more. This builds up resentment from the majority, who direct their anger at governments - going down a path of political disintegration.

How do we stop this? The clock is ticking, Peter argues, and we are nearing the point of violent political rupture. How can we make this world fairer to everyone, and bring prosperity and peace?