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Carte Européenne d’Assirance Maladie


I have just requested and received my CEAM card from my Mutuelle.
I notice it is valid till 31/12/2022. In the past it would have ended 31/12/2021.
It clearly states ‘ valid dans tous les pays de l’Union Européenne, en Norvège, en Island, en Suisse et au Lichtenstein.’
What is the situation now if one needs medical attention when visiting family in the UK?
I have both British and Belgian citizenship.


I wouldn’t complain that you have 2 years!
Thanks to Brexit you no longer qualify in the U.K. You should get a regular international travel insurance.
Frankly if you can give a U.K. address you will probably get treated at a GP free on the NHS. I have been in the past without question or producing the EU health card. However, if you had a major accident or illness or needed repatriation you could have serious problems so buy an insurance.

Feb 4, 2021 00:50