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Carfree Sunday


Are taxis driving on the carfree day in Brussels?




"Who can ride on Sunday 18 September?

Are authorized to circulate on the condition of respecting the limit of 30 kph:

  • vehicles of public transport (STIB, TEC, De Lijn)
  • taxis
  • emergency services
  • coaches
  • vehicles of public interest
  • press vehicles (with sign)
  • vehicles of minibus type (8 + 1 places) bearing the initials HORECA
  • disabled provided with the special card (article 27.4.3 d of the royal Order of December 1st, 1975 concerning general regulation of the road traffic police)
  • vehicles with a license plate CD (diplomatic corps)
  • people with a pass delivered by the authorities"
Sep 12, 2011 22:16