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card F card in anderlecht


Imran choudhry

Today 16:34:47

27 posts

thanks phipiemar for reply. no accuutly i dont apply to diffirent card same time.she came here june 2017 and that i  amd mine xhildren not was belge. that why she obtain temporary card A. AFTER GET BELGE Natainailty i go commune first time for demand F  card then person on window show my file on computer he said she just need on birth certificate of minor child. and you wait 3 month. today i go commune with oppoinment which one police inspector give then  person working on window  see file yold us your wife A card is expired 15 October uou come few days before expiry.and take orange card then after one month 27 november will take F card. this is all situations. i confuse.please explane me clearly. thanks a lot friend