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Car trip outside of Belgium


Where is a nice place/city to go on a car trip outside of Belgium? For 4-5 days? Lyon? Berlin? Any smaller towns?


What are your interests? What's your budget? What are the ages in the traveling party? Rather a broad appeal you have made, don't you think?

Oct 30, 2017 09:11

The Dutch Coast is hard to beat, any place really: Zandvoort, Katwijk, Noordwijk, The Hague (Scheveningen) all very accessible

Oct 31, 2017 11:29

You mention Lyon and Berlin as examples, Berlin is nearly 800km away so we can only assume you're willing to drive that far. That distance covers Western Europe as far south as Milan and as far north as Copenhagen. c. 66% of France, 80% or so of Germany, the whole of Switzerland, western Austria and the UK up as far as Newcastle. There are a lot of nice towns and cities in that radius but everyone's idea of nice differs - nice= lively, romantic, picturesque, trendy, modern, ancient..?

In general people like to help here - but you really need to be somewhat less vague in your request..

Nov 6, 2017 16:12