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Car insurance cost for a young adolescent driver


I am trying insure a old VW golf with my 19 year old son as primary driver.
Intention is he should use that car for practice, after getting Belgian provisional license, to eventually get his official license. We are just looking for a cheap, no frills, minimum legally required third-party coverage only (and perhaps add legal protection and bonus protection to it, to avoid premium jump in case of accident)

When I approached my insurance agent, he says the power of the car(81 kW) is high and it cannot be insured in conventional manner. As per him, one of the conditions for insuring young adults is, car needs to under 60kW. If such conditions are not met, he has to approach Bureau de Tarification that will offer an insurance and he doesn’t know the price there yet.

I already suspect a typical insurance for young adult would at least be double the cost. Bureau de Tarification, being an insurance for special cases, I am even worried this may perhaps quadruple the insurance cost :(

1) Is there any website where check insurance conditions for young adolescent drivers in Belgium?
2) Has anybody worked with Bureau de Tarification for a similar scenario and knows how much an insurance for a young adolescent would cost?
3) Is it true that young adults can’t drive car with power than 60kW?
4) Any recommendation for a cheap, affordable insurer in Belgium for young adults (just 18+)
5) is everybody letting theier kids drive only a car less than 60kW?


Do what most people do. You insure the car and put your son on list of drivers.

Other things to check.
If it’s an old car will it meet emission laws if it is driven in Brussels or Antwerp.
Permit laws have changed a lot so check latest. I used to take my sons out a few years back, I was told that now I could not take my stepson out to practice unless I took a special test. He had to follow professional lessons after getting theoretical and before taking practical.

Jun 20, 2019 00:12

Looks like the folks in wsp are going to have to watch out whilst walking about even more soon.

Irresponsible and selfish. See sense for the sake of our safety and environment. A car is not at all necessary in wsp and just adds to the poison we already have to breathe.

Jun 20, 2019 01:13

Approach an insurance broker who should confirm what the legal situation is regarding what can and cannot be driven by a young driver.
Insuring the car and putting your son on list of drivers is great until the insurers suspect what you have done and refuse to pay out on a claim.
My grandson - now aged 20 - has the minimum legally required third-party coverage for his 8 year old car. I've no idea of the power but it is nothing particularly big/powerful. He passed his test on the day that he became old enough to drive and paid €1,500.00 per MONTH when he was 18.

Jun 20, 2019 10:10

You will just have to shop around, but clearly a less powerful car would help.

Jun 20, 2019 16:57

Get him a car with a 1000 cc engine. It will be cheaper to run, cost less insurance, and will likely be safer because of the power limitation. There is an urge in us, including older adults, not to ignore available power.

Jun 20, 2019 20:41

Thank you everyone. That was quite helpful. Wondering what our parents were doing those days, to teach us driving as a life skill.

Jul 1, 2019 19:45