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Car insurance - claim


I have a full omnium insurance and would like to repair some scratches/dents on the car. Any advice on how to do it without without raising my bonus malus (e.g. to conclude a new agreement with a new insurer before making a claim to the current insurer)?


Simples! You pay for the work yourself.

If you change insurers, the new insurer will check your status with the old one, and the old one will want to check that you do have new insurance in place, so any "clever" little scheme will quickly come to light and could have some very unfortunate repercussions.

One scheme that MIGHT just work would be to get someone who is about to give up his/her car to damage yours in a situation that makes it absolutely clear that no fault lies with you. The downside with this one is that if you get found out, you can expect a very unpleasant visit from people in blue uniforms.

Mar 12, 2015 20:57

No fault accident are now also held against drivers and for good reason. Some people are absolute masters of having accidents that are not their fault. People with no hazard perception at all often supported by a right of way entitlement issue.

Your insurance is there in case of an accident and to be claimed when you have an accident. It's not a maintenance contract to cover Brussels wear and tear. What you are proposing is fraud.

Mar 12, 2015 22:11

I take it the scratches and dents didn't appear overnight with out your knowledge. Weren't just not there one minute and appeared the next. We have all I suspect scuffed our paint on a hedge etc. not on purpose it just happens.
If you did them then I'm sure it was not a deliberate act unless you really need new glasses, so that an accidental occurrence. That is unless they came with the car. In which case you knew about them anyway.
I suggest you ring your insures say you like to understand how getting minor damage of this type repaired affects your premium and see what they say.
My guess is that you be better to be honest in your claim or just pay your self.
If it's only minor the effect maybe small on you premium.

Mar 15, 2015 14:43