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Car accident claims...


Does anyone know or have experience of how easy it is to sue a guilty party for costs? The background is we had an accident, other persons fault - they're going to go to court over it (dangerous driving), wife injured, lots of stress trying to resolve the post-accident legalities (mostly caused by the other parties insurers)... so to compensate all the hassle we're looking at the option to claim for the trouble we've had to go through since the accident... can this be done in Belgium? You get 'no win, no pay' types of lawyers in other countrues, do they exist here in Belgium? Has anyone ever experienced this and won?


Yes, you can do it, but most people who do this sort of thing have insurance for legal costs. So see your insurer.


I think it's called "assurance protection juridique" or something like that.

Oct 27, 2011 16:26