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Canadian Doctor?


Hi! I'm sure this has been asked a gazillion times before, but can you tell me your absolute favourite family doctor here in Brussels? I would love to find a Canadian physician, or perhaps British or American, but the core criteria is great bedside manner, friendly, nice, kind . . . you get the picture! I've tried the Schuman Medical Practice but am not happy there.



I have had really good luck a doctor I found from this list - professional and thorough. I have since moved out of the area, but I still make the trek any time an expert opinion is needed! The Canadian Embassy didn't have anything similar when I first moved here, but maybe they have something too?

Jul 3, 2015 15:54

I have a belgian one, we use English to communicate (I don't speak French). He is the best I ever met and he is really listening. Rare thing nowdays. Dr Boucher, Etterbeek Medical Center.

Aug 3, 2015 21:01