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Can you recommend a basketball team for girls?


Hot off the Belgian Cats reaching the semi finals of Euro Basket, can anyone recommend a basketball team for girls in the Sterrebeek/Tervuren area?
My daughter really wants to play basketball, but her school doesn't offer it as an extra mural.


I'm not sure but possibly BSA would offer that try searching online

Jun 24, 2017 21:53
livin'in Leuven

Hi there,
In Belgium, up until 12 years old, girls and boys play together. If your daughter will be older than 12, both the Tervuren Thor and Zaventem Jets have girls teams.
The team in Leuven has all-girls teams from under 8. A little further to drive, but a great organization. Practices are in Dutch, but the coaches and lots of the kids will speak English. All the basketball terms are in English, for the most part.
My boys played in Leuven for 8 years and always had another English speaker on their team....

Jun 25, 2017 08:52

Thank you for your very helpful suggestions!

Jun 25, 2017 09:23