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Hello All , I have left my Employer where i worked for 6 years in November 2019 . And i joined another company in December 2019. My previous employer did not issue me C4 form . I am still employed by my new Employer . So do i really need C4 form of my old employer in future ? What exactly is the need of old C4 forms from previous employers ? Or do we only need it for current employer or latest employer ?


You personally don't need to keep your old C4 documents.

However every time you move from one job to another, a C4 form has to be completed by your old employer and passed to your new one.

The C4 has important information about your accrued holidays, accrued holiday pay, as well as taxes and social security payments you have made. It is necessary for the new employer to have a copy in order to set you up in their payroll system.

If your new employer has not got your C4 from your previous job, then 1) that's actually illegal, and 2) you are probably not being paid correctly, and 3) your holidays and holiday pay for 2020 will probably all be incorrect.

It is in your best interest to get it sorted out.

May 5, 2020 17:42