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Buying online from media markt cheaper?


Hello everyone.

I recently bought an appliance from the media mark store for 60 euros. Its been less than a week and I just happened to be on their site only to find out that the same product is available online for 25 euros. Is it normally true for all products? Expensive at store and cheaper on their own official website!
I wish I knew earlier. But just checking now for future.



If anybody want to buy anything in cheapest price. So Please check the link below:

Aug 28, 2018 22:43

the most important thing is here to check the prices from all website like i bought mens slippers from online shopping website in pakistan
and after bought these items prices goes high . one more thing is you have too keep this thing in mind that you must compare prices from each and every website,

Mar 23, 2019 13:28