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Buying a new car


Hello All,
So after all the yes & No's I decided to buy a new car in Belgium (Brussels). Now since this is my first car here, I am just wondering what will be the sequence of stuff I should take care. Yes I have a local lincense and booked my car already.

Leasing (I have this sorted), Insurance, Taxes, Registrations and what else? What are the processes involved.
What different kind of insurances I should take?
What are the different taxes?
What is expected by the dealer at the time of delivery?

Lost in this new world and help from your experience & knowledge is much much appreciated.



You should speak to the leasing company. They are best placed to assist you as they know what car you are buying, and presumably will also handle the registration.

Jan 26, 2018 18:59

If the leasing company are handling the registration, they will handle the insurance as well because you can't register a car without insurance in place - and indeed it is normally the insurer who initiates the registration process.

Assuming that it is your name that is going on the registration document you will receive a rear number plate through the post from the DIV for which you will have to pay the postman just over € 20. You take the plate and the documents enclosed with them to the dealer who will make up a front plate and put your new car on the road. The dealer will want to see your green insurance certificate and your driving licence before you are allowed to drive the car away.

Jan 26, 2018 22:24

you have to have 3rd party liability insurance (compulsory)
you may want to take own damage (omnium- for damages to your car)
you should take legal expenses insurance (protection juridique)
you may want to take driver insurance (for your own injuries if you are to blame)
you may want assistance (in case of breakdown....but this may be included in the price of the car the first or first 2 years)

Jan 28, 2018 15:25