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Buying a laptop in the US


hi - i live in belgium, but i'm considering buying a laptop in the US during my next visit. any good recommandations on brands / shops where to buy? i have a macbook now, but i'm thinking of switching to sony vaio as i can't afford a mac at the moment. will i be saving money buying from a US shop? would mainly use to watch movies and internet use.
the keyboard and plug differences are not a problem.
thanks a lot!

From the archives

Yes, you'll save tons of money if you buy a laptop in the usa, mainly because things are way cheaper there, and also because the euro is strong compared to the dollar.

What state are you going to?
For example, if you were to go to florida, you could check compusa; they have good deals on laptops. If you were to go to texas, there is fry's which might have good deals on laptops. However, every state has a bestbuy, which sells laptops too.

If you have family in the usa, you might look at
Every day they publish the laptops which are on sale. I personally use dells, and have about 4 different ones. latitude which is the best (but for business users), inspiron is good, and vostros are iffy.

However, I have had friends who stay away from dell. I guess is all luck.

Stay away from toshibas; had two of those, and one broke down in less than a year, another one overheats and shuts down.

HP's are ok. In the usa there are so many price points it really comes down to how big you want the screen to be, how big you want the laptop to be, etc.

But google bestbuy, compusa, techbargains and start looking at prices.

Aug 22, 2011 12:55