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buy a apartement in Brussels


Dear all,

On a very serious note, I would like to buy very small apartment in Brussels. I do not have money and therefore would like to take loan from bank. I have job and I am non EU but residence in Belgium since 6 years.

Can anyone please help me how to take loan and what to take care of while taking laon? Do i have to have home in my mind before i take loan or shall I take loan and at same time search for appartment?

Many thanks in advance

From the archives

You need to have an idea of what you can afford (i.e. how much a bank will loan you by way of mortgage). So, make an appointment with your own bank to get an idea of what amount they would be willing to loan you. But don't stop there as there may be better offers around, so I advise you to make an initial appointment with an ''independent'' mortgage broker such as Immotecker as they can advise on a variety of different banks and loan types. Both these appointments should be free of charge.

As for the process, there is enough info online, however a notary can also advise you as to the process of a home purchase in Belgium. I believe that notaries will give up to 1hr free advice (but check this)?

Then with this info, start your home search... and good luck!

Aug 22, 2011 17:40