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Businesses must provide customers with at least one electronic payment option

05:56 14/03/2022

Businesses in Belgium will have to offer their customers at least one electronic means of payment from 1 July 2022, as stipulated in a bill approved by parliament on Thursday. Merchants will be free to offer whichever electronic payment method they want. Payments in cash will continue to be an option.

The measure is part of finance minister Vincent Van Peteghem’s anti-fraud plan which also includes the establishing of partnerships between the tax audit services, the public prosecutor's office and other control services within the framework of joint multidisciplinary investigation teams. The bill also proposes that a minimum of 25 officials of the Social Tax Inspectorate (ISI) will be awarded the status of judicial police officer.

Written by Nick Amies



Interesting development. Governments are slowly taking away the freedom of the citizens. All under the name of doing something good. We see this all over the place right now. Money laundering is only an issue for larger organisations, and they have an easy way around this. This kind of measure only hits the normal citizens and restricts their way of living. It does nothing to the large organizations. That leaves the question ‘Why?” and “Really?”

Mar 17, 2022 07:38