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Builders merchant


Can anyone tell me where you can find a builders merchant like the ones we have in the UK? I am looking to replace an interior door but Lapeyre want 1,000 euros!
Brico etc don't stock it - am looking for a specialist who could perhaps have contacts in the building trade.


From the archives on ch de vilvoorde have large selection of doors.Lapeyre subcontract so prices are high and Brico is for small quantity weekenders.
Around Brussels you have to buy things from various locations.
Wood from Nordic or Lochten
Ironmongery and tools from Clabots or Cipac
Plaster,cement,plasterboard etc from independent builders merchants(depending on location)
Paint from Roels or paint trade centre
for eco stuff-Carodec,Matefor or Spatio
Architectural salvage from Aremat
ps Be aware of some doors they sell at independents,they come from Lapeyre overstock and require French fittings(different standard size locks)a simple job can turn into a project.Buy the door furniture the same time as you buy the door.

Sep 5, 2011 09:37