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I'm looking for an affordable, light, strong and mobile buggy for my 3 year old either online or in a shop. Saw some suitable ones on UK amazon but they won't deliver them to Belgium.  Any ideas/recommendations?



You are going to find it hard to find a "strong" and at the same time "light" and "mobile" buggy. With a 3 year old, they can walk most of the time without the need for a buggy, so I am guessing you are needing the buggy for speed or for the times when the child is just too tired to walk any longer. You are unlikely to need the buggy for many more months either. Why not go for something as lightweight as possible... and if you live in Brussels, something which gets through tram doors and is as compact as possible? I'd go for a Maclaren Volo.

Sep 17, 2011 13:45