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Budget restaurant that gives birthday bonus


Looking for a budget restaurant in the center of Brussels (easy to reach by public transport) that offers a special deal on a birthday. Eg Ricotta & Parmesan gives 25€ off the bill when you dine with 4. Some give a bottle of wine. Thanks for any recommendations! Any kind of (good) food. And a relatively nice setting (not looking like a cantine)


my three fovourite restaurants in Brussels:

Hong Kong Express, somewhere around Pl. Catherine. Authentic Asian food, including duck tongues and chicken feet. Funny for the "gross out" factor. But it does look like a canteen, on purpose though.

Comme Chez Soi, on Place Rouppe. Michelin starred, very expensive. Great food but a weekend in Paris/Madrid/Amsterdam is cheaper and probably more fun.

Amadeo somewhere around Place St Catherine. This place is great. 15.95 for "ribs à volonté". Basically as many racks of spare ribs as you can east, with a backed potato and salad. My record is three racks, not alot I know. My friend managed seven. Oh, and they serve red wine by the centimetre.

Bon appétit.

Oct 20, 2015 09:26