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Is it my imagination or are BSB either losing half their staff or suddenly creating lots of new posts because they seem to want a huge amount of new staff recently.


Large extension of school with new sports facility and swimming pool opening in August this year. Other areas of the school also extended, hence need for extra staff.

Mar 4, 2016 13:18

Well MEHA I know they are rebuilding but I didn't think it doing anything to increase the school size just the facilities and I know also the head is swapping but these staff don't seem related there was a whole page of ads on here

Mar 7, 2016 12:21

Every year, international schools lose around 30% of their children in Belgium and every year, they also lose a significant percentage of their staff too, not quite as many as children, but many staff are also on the international circuit.

BSB's numbers have increased from 1200 to almost 1400 in the past couple of years. It remains to be seen what the effect will be of the new sports facilities, especially since the 2 other big international schools are several kkks more expensive and have less included in the price and have no sports facilities anywhere near what BSB is building. BSB has already increased classes in primary and secondary. But all this said, the vacancies you can see are not mainly because of an increase in numbers or new facilities but simply it's that time of year where teaching staff hand in notice, with a term's notice, of leaving, the school has to replace them. Same happens at St John's and ISB.

Mar 7, 2016 20:23

I'd agree with Shortof above. It's the time of year. Many teachers at international schools generally, not specifically BSB, are "wanderers", and often only stay a couple of years before moving on somewhere new. Especially any of the younger ones who are any good. The ones that tend to stay longer term are either totally committed to the school, or the total opposite, not quite good enough to go anywhere else.

Mar 7, 2016 21:26

Shortof they may have a funky new gym being built but outside space ISB have the biggest of any intentional school that are around locally outdoors play and sports space with pitches and tracks tennis bubble etc.
. They will eventually build a newer gym facility but they want to rebuild the older school building first I believe.
I think you will find that the 30% turn over isn't happening so much now, isb in particular have an ever increasing Belgian population and many kids staying for these whole school life. The fees aren't really so different from the international schools. I know as rile teacher sign shorter contract one three or nine years but I for one have never seen so many vacancies advertised just wondered if the change of leadership was causing that

Mar 8, 2016 00:20

Hmm ISB is on average over the full 14 school years around 3k more than BSB, roughly 10% more. Their fees are in fact significantly different.

BSB has possibly more outdoor space than ISB too, not that it's a competition, the outdoor space along the road is also part of BSB.

BSB's increase in student number is down almost wholly to one thing and that is the number Belgian permanent residents now at the school, the expat turnover students remain pretty much the same, the percentage of British citizens though the same in number is now around 40% due to the Belgian residents, most of whom are Belgian nationality as well.

No the change in leadership is unconnected with the number of vacancies. The non teaching staff are being re-organised and going into the new buildings - a large gym, a gymnastics hall, a fitness suite and a 25m swimming pool as well as the administrative offices. Along with the new buildings are new staff needed to staff the buildings and the external affairs expanded etc. There are a number of new vacancies caused also by the increase in number of bilingual French-English classes which will reach year 9 in September, plus the increase in Dutch provision as well. I cannot see a single vacancy on the list connected with the change of leadership.

I don't have kids at either ISB or BSB, I am just a simple Belgian resident who is not lucky enough to have a large income.

Mar 10, 2016 23:46