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Brussels to simplify traffic sign system

19:41 26/04/2021

Here’s something that may not surprise you: There are so many road signs in Brussels that they can become a confusing mess. Here’s something that may surprise you: The authorities are aware of this and plan to do something about it.

Concerned that road users will be overwhelmed at such a proliferation of signage and that they don’t know what many of them even mean, Brussels Mobility has commissioned a study on the kind of street signs used in the Capital-Region. These includes permanent traffic signs that indicate an upcoming intersection or a priority street as well as temporary signs indicating detours and road works, for instance.

The goal, according to mobility minister Elke Van Den Brandt (Groen), is to simplify and streamline the kinds of signage used and create guidelines of where signage can be placed (not obstructing cycle lanes or pavements, for example).

Van Den Brandt made the announcement following a parliamentary question from Aurelie Czekalski (MR), who complained that traffic signage was often placed on pavements. “Walking is the best way to get around in the city,” responded Van Den Brandt, “so we need to facilitate that as much as possible. This means comfortable pavements and making it easy for people with limited mobility to get around.”

After the study is carried out, Van Den Brandt will work with Brussels Mobility to “rationalise” the system and legislate the placement of traffic signage.

Photo ©Thierry Roge


Written by Lisa Bradshaw




Apr 27, 2021 15:01