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Brussels region prepares action plan ahead of Brexit

22:17 11/11/2018

Brussels' regional goverment is drawing up an impact assessment and action plan for how to deal with the consequences of Brexit - including how to attract companies wishing to relocate once the UK leaves the European Union.

The region's secretary of state for foreign trade, Cécile Jodogne, has asked each government minister to provide a report detailing how their sector is preparing for Brexit and what action still needs to be taken.

Jodogne said the prospect of the UK leaving the EU without a deal meant it was more important than ever for Brussels to make plans now. Business organisations Beci and are organising an information session on 22 November for Brussels businesses concerned about how the Brexit negotiations are going, and their impact on trade.

Whether there is a deal or not, Jodogne said Brussels needed to be promoting itself as "a welcoming area for companies wishing to relocate part of their activity".

Brussels sees the greatest potential for this in three business sectors: finance, life sciences and audiovisual. A promotional campaign targeting these sectors will be launched in the UK in the coming weeks.

The regional government set up the Brussels Coordination Platform for Brexit in 2017 to monitor the impact that the UK's exit from the EU will have on the European capital.

Written by The Bulletin