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Brussels region launches online cultural and tourist website one-stop shop
15:30 16/02/2024

Regional tourism office has launched a one-stop shop for cultural or tourist activities,

The online site enables individuals to buy tickets for a concert, theatre performance, exhibition, show, family activity or museum trip in Brussels. The range of events will be extended later to include clubbing and nightlife.

Aimed at boosting ticket sales, the centralised catalogue of events going on in the capital showcases the rich cultural and tourist offer in the region.

Browsing and booking on the site is designed to be simple and user-friendly. You can refine your selection according to the activity, date, period or preferred municipality. Users can add one or more tickets for other activities to the same virtual basket, at no additional cost.

“Research shows that the vast majority of the public is attracted to an online reservation catalogue,” says in a press announcement. It highlighs the platform’s integration into the website “that reaches millions of people each year”.

Last-minute tickets at reduced prices for shows, concerts and films will be on sale daily from 12.30 to 17.30.

The platform is accessible to all organisers of cultural and tourist activities in the Brussels-Capital Region. They will be able to manage sales and reservations using their own software, points out

Written by The Bulletin