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Brussels primary schools - registering from abroad


Where exactly in south east Brussels? It covers quite a large area. Where is work?

You have to really contact every individual school to find out deadlines. If you could narrow down your search area, I could tell you a few.

Additional help inside the school depends on individual school and no school could tell you now exactly how much help your children could get until they arrive as budgets for extra teachers will not yet be set.

There are NO local French schools officially using Montessori methods. There are a few local schools already OFFICIALLY following a particular method, many also charge 1000-5000€ extra per pupil per year, but there are many local schools which also incorporate some of the alternative philosophies into their school lives, especially at maternelle level.

You should be able to pre-register at schools, all you need is a passport (and proof of eligibility to live in Belgium if not an EU national) and the residency docs and SIS cards and proof of address can come later, but the school will certainly want to see you before the start of the school year to formally register. It's up to individual schools and their directors just how flexible they are in this respect, no-one here can unfortunately predict on xpats what every single school director in Brussels might do or say regards registration.

Jan 18, 2012 21:46