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Brussels parliament: Ecolo doubles score to win 15 seats

05:48 27/05/2019

Green party Ecolo was the big winner in Brussels' regional elections on Sunday, doubling its number of seats to 15 to become the region's second largest party behind PS.

Ecolo won 16% of the vote, a gain of seven seats compared with its performance in 2014. The green party is just two seats behind PS, which remains the biggest player in the Brussels parliament with 17 seats - a loss of four.

Alternative parties enjoyed success in the Brussels region, with the left-wing PTB and PVDA taking 11 seats between them. Ecolo's Flemish equivalent, Groen, gained a seat, bringing its total to four.

New entrants in the Brussels parliament include Pascal Smet's party, which won three seats. The citizen's platform Agora won a seat, as did the newly formed animal party, DierAnimal.

The Brussels parliament in numbers

PS: 17 seats (-4)
Ecolo: 15 seats (+7)
MR: 13 seats (-5)
DéFI: 10 seats (-2)
PTB: 10 seats (+6)
CDH: 6 seats (-3)
Groen: 4 seats (+1)
Open VLD: 3 seats (-2) 3 seats (+3)
N-VA: 3 seats (no change)
PVDA: 1 seat (+1)
Agora: 1 seat (+1)
CD&V: 1 seat (-1)
Vlaams Belang: 1 seat (no change)
DierAnimal: 1 seat (+1)

Photo: Laurie Dieffembacq/Belga

Written by The Bulletin



It needs to be understood that these people are NOT about the "Ecology/Environment." Not at all.

May 27, 2019 06:15

Genuinely @Paradox, if it "needs to be understood"; why do you halt your comment at that. I would think it's sincerely important to elaborate your point. If not it raises far more questions than it answers. Direct us to some literature, reference, or source that you based your view; because those who voted green (with the belief they stand for ecological improvements) and perhaps even those who didn't vote for them would be very encouraged to know more.

May 28, 2019 17:08

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