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Brussels’ Montgomery roundabout will close for construction from Friday evening

19:29 24/02/2022

Brussels Mobility will be using the start of spring holidays on Friday to begin construction work on the Montgomery roundabout’s redesign.

The improvements are aimed at making the roundabout safer for cyclists with the addition of a two-way cycling lane that facilitates traffic in both directions. 

“The construction of bicycle facilities on the Montgomery roundabout will have a major impact on traffic,” the city warned in a press release.

The entire roundabout will be completely closed during the work, which is planned for the first four days of the holiday: from Friday 25 February at 20:00 until Wednesday 2 March at 06:00. 

Only tram traffic will be maintained during this period, though pavements will remain accessible. 

The roundabout’s inner lane on the fountain side will be removed and a suggested cycling lane (the ochre-coloured path on which cars can also drive if no cyclists are present) will be added to the outer lane.

This new arrangement is a test before the final project is carried out. If the results are positive, the final project will be scheduled for November 2022.


Written by Helen Lyons



Isn't a two-way lane i a roundabout just too weird, even by Magritte's standards?
Or is it just a way to take away as much space as possible from the cars?

Feb 25, 2022 10:28