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Brussels makes masks compulsory everywhere, closes culture and sports facilities, extends curfew

14:37 24/10/2020

The Brussels region has reintroduced the requirement to wear a mask in all public places and extended the curfew from 22.00 to 6.00 every day, from Monday 26 October.

Theatres, cinemas, museums, cultural centres and all sports facilities - including gyms and swimming pools - must close.

A raft of new measures were announced on Saturday to limit the spread of coronavirus, after a meeting of the region's 19 mayors, who approved unanimously.

All shops in the Brussels region must close by 20.00 - except takeways which can stay open until 22.00. The requirement to go shopping alone has been reintroduced, unless accompanying a child or a vulnerable person in need of assistance.

Residents must stay at home between 22.00 and 6.00, unless travelling to/from work or for an urgent medical reason.

All amateur sports fixtures in the Brussels region, including for children, are cancelled. Training sessions are still allowed for children under 12. School excursions are banned, as are holiday activity camps for over-12s.

Wedding ceremonies are limited to the couple and their witnesses. Funerals are limited to 15 people.

Remote working is compulsory except for essential jobs that cannot be done from home.

The measures, announced on Saturday by Brussels minister-president Rudi Vervoort, will apply from Monday 26 October until at least 19 November.

Written by The Bulletin


Frank Lee Oct 25, 2020 22:48
Frank Lee

Look for what HASN'T been decided, mainly the overcrowding of the subway and other public transportation.
Also typical of politicians: we'll announce big new measures, instead of enforcing the ones already there. Some restaurants and cultural places had made great efforts to ensure safety. Some hadn't. Well, it doesn't matter, let's close everything. All restaurant staff has to pay for the ones like at that famous "food market" on Wolvengracht/Fossé aux Loups that was taking ZERO protections, even posting the fact that you coulod come and have a drink at the bar without consuming food. I don't know whom its owner knows, but the authorities are always looking the other way...

Oct 25, 2020 22:48

The WHO explicitly advises against the use of cloth mouth masks for the over 65. (I'm 67.)
As usual, our hundreds (?) of Belgian politicians "know better"!

Oct 26, 2020 20:34