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Brussels launches heatwave plan as high ozone levels expected

12:34 01/07/2015

Brussels-City has launched its heatwave plan, faced with the forecast of temperatures over 30 degrees in the coming days. The plan involves teams of city workers visiting the elderly living alone to deliver supplies of water and make sure they are drinking enough. 

Temperatures are expected to climb from 31 degrees to 33 on Friday and a possible 39 on Saturday, before dropping back below 30 on Sunday and up to 32 on Monday, according to the five-day forecast from the Royal Meteorological Institute.

Forecasters also expect high ozone levels. The European directive maximum smog level of 180 micrograms per cubic metre of air has already been exceeded in Schoten, Antwerp province, the Inter-regional Environment Office (Ircel) reports. Above that level, the public has to be informed.

But while the levels are due to go even higher, Ircel said they are unlikely to reach the alarm threshold of 240 micrograms per cubic metre. Thursday will see cloudy skies and possible storms, which would push ozone pollution back below critical levels. 

Written by Alan Hope