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Brussels to get new metro line

12:48 09/05/2014

The Brussels-Capital Region has finalised the route of a new metro line that will eventually connect Schaerbeek and Evere with North Station. The route – called line 3 – will have stations at Noord Liedts, Collignon, Waelhem, Riga, Linde, Vrede and the Bordet train station. The stations will be located near existing tram stops at some of the locations.

The decision was announced by Brussels transport minister Brigitte Grouwels and mobility minister Bruno de Lille, who had to choose between two different routes. They said the route they chose was the best in terms of passenger volume and ease of construction.  

The region now has to obtain urban planning and environment permits before construction can begin. If all goes according to plan, tunnelling work should begin in 2018.

The region also plans to turn the underground tram line linking North Station with South Station into a full metro line. Once that is done, metro trains will provide a direct connection between Evere, Schaerbeek, the city centre, Sint-Gillis and Vorst. “This project shows that Brussels is continuing to develop alternatives to the car,” said De Lille.


Written by Derek Blyth



... oddly enough Ixelles and Uccle are not considered despite the population density....

May 9, 2014 15:02

@ gellis:
1) Ixelles and especially Uccle are nowhere near as densely populated as Schaarbeek.
2) This is the completion of the original North South axis of the metro (the reason why it is called "pré-metro" from North Station to Albert)
3) Other projects concern Uccle and Ixelles.
4) Uccle already is densely covered by tram routes including 2 Chrono lines.

May 10, 2014 10:49