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Brussels comic book stores work together on new promotional campaign

20:28 12/12/2019

A dozen comic book/graphic novel stores in central Brussels are embarking on a joint venture - a self-guided visit which combines these competing businesses so that Brussels locals, Belgians and international tourists can find their way to the most appropriate store for their comic book needs.

There already was a self-guided tour to the more than 50 comic book murals across the city but this is specifically for those looking to buy.

“We are convinced that together we will be stronger,” said Driss Kasri from the store Brüsel. “We all face the same problems: fixed pricing, growing online sales, visibility issues, we’ve all seen a loss of income over the past five years.

“But now, we are all part of the same pedestrian zone and it’s the perfect opportunity to work together and capitalise on the internationally recognised image of central Brussels as a mecca for comic book aficionados.”

A brochure features a map with the stores highlighted, as well as photos and descriptions of each establishment. There is also a list of the central city murals with their locations on the map.

Additionally you will find signage featuring the most famous Belgian cat: Le Chat by Philippe Geluck, that directs people from store to store. There are also special Le Chat tote bags that will be given to those shoppers spending at least €50.

Le Chat also appears on a special cargo bike that will circulate between the stores in the spirit of green mobility.

Written by Richard Harris



If they want international visitors (and €), it might help if the comic shops offered any language other than French on their joint website. If there is such an option, I couldn’t find it.

Dec 17, 2019 11:02

No links to separate stores from the website (at least the mobile one everyone will be using)? No way to contact any store - or the website’s administrators- from the website? This is a rough draft at best; more work is needed to make this usable and helpful.

Dec 17, 2019 11:08

The website is being built and has progressed since the article was published:

Also if you go to this Bulletin article published a few weeks ago you will find plenty of information on the stores in English:

Dec 22, 2019 15:01

Love it MyKFCExperience thank for the valuable information...

Jan 25, 2020 05:45