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Brussels Beer Project launches new environmentally friendly beer

14:19 21/06/2023

Brussels Beer Project (BBP) has announced the launch of a new beer made from environmentally friendly barley.

Called Terra Pils, the slightly bitter beer is currently only available from the cask in selected Brussels pubs and BBP Taprooms, Bruzz reports.

“Working with the soil and terroir is not exclusive to the wine world,” said brewer and BBP co-founder Sébastien Morvan.

“It's great to meet the farmers who grow our barley and see the vibrant growth of the whole ecosystem between land and beer.”

The new beer is made entirely with barley from regenerative agriculture, a term that refers to farming practices which take into account, among other things, biodiversity and soil quality when cultivating the land.

The aim is to drastically reduce the impact on the environment and, above all, not deplete natural resources.

The beer is also brewed with barley grown entirely in Belgium. Currently, only a fraction of the barley used to brew beer in Belgium is grown locally, with the majority imported from France.

The Brussels Beer Project also plans to launch a new blonde beer next month called Lazy Panda which will also be brewed with Belgian hops from regenerative agriculture.

Over the next two years, the brewery plans to transition to barley from regenerative agriculture for its other beers as well.

By the end of this year, the Brussels brewer aims to get 25% of its barley from regenerative agriculture – some 150 tonnes of grain. Within two years, that percentage should rise to 75%.

Written by Helen Lyons