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Brussels animal shelter CatRescue on the hunt for new premises

Brussels shelter CatRescue appeals for donations
19:41 30/11/2022

Nonprofit association CatRescue in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is looking to move to new premises due to the increasing dilapidation of its current site in Rue Voot, reports RTBF.

"The building that currently houses us, initially intended to be demolished, shows worrying signs of dilapidation. It’s high time for us to find a permanent refuge suitable for our activities," says the refuge on its site.

CatRescue is one of many animal shelters in Belgium that is struggling to cope with the growing number of pets being abandoned post-pandemic. More animals are being neglected as people face financial difficulties in the face of the current economic and energy crisis.

That’s why the refuge is appealing to the public for donations to help it find its dream home. The specifications for the ideal property are: "In the south-east of the Brussels region, have one or two floors with rooms for our cats, an isolated space (infirmary/convalescence), a small garden to stretch our paws, a parking lot or garage for deliveries, a few small adjoining rooms (office, storage space) and a small kitchen."

Weekend open-door event

In a bid to boost its fundraising appeal, the shelter is opening its doors this weekend so that visitors can meet the volunteers and the feline residents. It will also be raising money by selling products that support its cause.

CatRescue Open House
3 & 4 December, 13.00-18.00
Rue Voot 97

Written by The Bulletin