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Brussels Airlines unveils new ‘Belgitude’ uniforms and inclusive style guide

Brussels Airlines unveils new uniforms
16:13 19/01/2024

Brussels Airlines has unveiled new uniforms for cabin, cockpit and ground staff that feature Belgian touches, more sustainable materials and a gender inclusive approach to style.

The uniforms were created in collaboration with a young designer from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Gabrielle Szwarcenberg. The navy blue outfits with champagne-coloured details will be adopted by more than 2,600 employees from 1 March.


Inspired by the “contemporary and timeless” silhouettes of airline personnel in the 1960s, the new collection includes unisex pieces with subtle references to Belgian design.

“I wanted the design to be elegant and sophisticated, while prioritising the staff’s performance and comfort. That’s why we introduce items like turtlenecks or sneakers,” said Szwarcenberg.

The airline wanted to emphasised its Belgitude via “subtle references to Belgian icons, such as the Atomium on the scarfs and on the inner lining of the blazers”.


Other new elements include the use of innovative and more sustainable materials like vegan leather for the footwear, which are made from cacti and grapes. Belgian brands Atelier Content and Ambiorix were selected for the new shoes.

“Each supplier involved in this project has made every effort to reduce the environmental impact of the production of the new uniform and its accessories,” says Brussels Airlines.

The company, part of the Lufthansa Group, has also updated its style guide to be more inclusive. Makeup has become optional for everyone. It’s no longer compulsory for women and is open for men, just like nail polish.


Regarding hairstyles, “there is no difference in gender for the hair style, as soon as it touches the shoulders, it needs to be tied up or in a bun, this is a safety related instruction,” says the airline.

“These new guidelines should contribute to a higher wellbeing at work of all uniformed staff members by making them feel comfortable wearing the uniform,” it pointed out.

The design process for the new collection took two years with frontline staff involved in creating and selecting the final uniforms. “As for the current uniforms, they will be given a second life.”

Photos: ©Brussels Airlines

Written by The Bulletin