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Broodje Brussel : Ramón Gutiérrez Hernández (Mexico)

04/11/2021 from 12:30until 04/11/2021 - 12:30
4 Nov
square du bastion

Traditional music from the heart of Mexico

After a very long break, the broodje Brussels midday concerts are back! And we begin directly with a very big name, coming from Mexican music. Ramón Gutiérrez Hernández is a musician and an instrument maker, but he is particularly known as the leader from the legendary band Son de Madera, the flag ship of the son jarocho.

The son jarocho was created by the mixing from baroque guitars, Arabo-Andalusian harmonies, and African rhythms. In the colonial times, when the port of Veracruz was the gateway to Mexico, the ships, full with colonists and Africans, also brought rhythms and instruments that, in combination with the centuries-old musical traditions from the indigenous people, generated a new culture.

During the concert, Gutiérrez Hernández will play and sing the guitarra de son, a small but powerful guitar. He will travel with you through the traditional melodies, which he interprets with sensitivity and talent.

ATTENTION, for this concert you will be asked to present a covid safe ticket in addition to the concert ticket. Info: