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British hairdresser?


Are there any British hairdressers in Belgium? After many disappointing cuts/colours here, I desperately want a British trained stylist.


Blow hairdressing if you are prepared to pay a fortune.

Feb 13, 2014 15:13

I presume you've tried google?
A google search for "British hairdressing in Brussels" gives
as the first result.

Feb 13, 2014 15:22

I love Laurent at Laurent Patrick in Tervuren. Loads of British and Americans go there. Not too expensive and always a nice drink and conversation.. He always listens to what I want and can follow any picture. Love them. Won't dare go anywhere else now.

Feb 13, 2014 15:43

Laurent Semeraro, Salon Trendy, Rue Jean Stas at 1180 Brussels (02 534 34 36)

Feb 13, 2014 16:58

Sorry, I meant 1060 brussels. It´s close to Louiza :-)

Feb 13, 2014 16:59

Sorry, I meant 1060 Brussels. It´s close to Louiza :-)

Feb 13, 2014 16:59

Thank you all very much! x

Feb 13, 2014 19:03

I agree with the earlier comments. I used to only have my hair done when I went back to UK as had some disasters here. Then found LaurentPatrick in Tervuren, they are the best. They used to have a place in the US too.
Highly recommend them.

Feb 14, 2014 07:31
mumsile Feb 14, 2014 18:25
mumsile Feb 14, 2014 18:25