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British Embassy advises UK nationals in Belgium to keep up to date on Brexit

BBCA Brexit briefing 5 June
15:25 07/06/2019

The British Embassy in Belgium advises all of its nationals to ensure that their identity documents are in order and that they sign up to the UK government’s Living in Belgium Guide.

The guide provides information on the UK’s exit from the EU, residency, healthcare, driving, working, studying and pensions, among other topics.

Addressing the 5th BBCA Brexit briefing at the ING Art Center on 5 June, Ambassador Alison Rose (below) outlined the three eventual options for Brexit: the UK departs on or soon after 31 October according to the withdrawal agreement; the UK departs on 31 October or soon after without a Brexit deal; the UK asks and is granted a delay by the EU for a further period of negotiation.

Ambassador Alison Rose at BBCA Brexit briefing on 5 June

Brexit discussion would increase once a new prime minister was elected in July, while the period between August and October was likely to be an intense period of activity, said Ambassador Rose.

She recommended that all Britons in Belgium, including their children, should make sure their Belgian identity cards were up to date before the UK exited the EU. Registered UK nationals would be contacted by their communes for the issuing of new identity cards. They could follow the embassy on social media and consult embassy information on Brexit, as well as signing up for the Living in Belgium Guide.

BBCA chair Glenn Vaughan at Brexit briefing 5 June

Chaired by BBCA chair Glenn Vaughan (above), it was the last info session given by Ambassador Rose, who is shortly to leave Belgium after five years in the post. She will be succeeded in the summer by Martin Shearman.

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Written by Sarah Crew



British nationals do not have Belgian id cards unless Belgian as well.

This is basic terminology with huge legal consequences.

Jun 7, 2019 18:00