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Bringing parents for visit


Hi, i want to know how can non eu person living in belgium can sponser his mother to visit belgium, she is housewife with no saving and job. The finical support will be me. Can someone explain the steps envolved? And how to improve the chance of getting visa.

shortof Oct 20, 2018 20:07

You need to prepare your paycheque slips and say you will support your family during their visit.

Oct 22, 2018 11:09

It depends on your status here in Belgium. If you are in a posseseion of card A ( temporary one, yearly renewable), I am afraid you will not be able to be a garant and make an invitation. more info is here:
though, sometimes it depends on the commune you apply, I know a case when a person could make invitation when in posession of cart A.
In case if you are in posseison of one the docuemtns prooving your poermanent residency (B, C, D, F, ) just read the instructions from the link above. The same document is availabe in French.
Good luck,

Nov 8, 2018 17:22