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Bpost tests ‘in-car delivery’ at local company

16:39 18/06/2019

Having packages delivered to your workplace is handy, but if, say, 1,000 people work there, it can be a rather tedious task for reception to sign for all those packages. Not to mention the lack of privacy involved with regards to your purchases.

So what if that package could be delivered straight to the boot of your car? Following a pilot project that allowed mail carriers to access people’s home, Bpost is now running one for ‘in-car delivery’, which sees its workers opening up your hatchback to deliver your package.

The pilot, a European first, is being carried out at the Cronos Group, a tech consultancy in Kontich, near Antwerp. When one of its employees order something online using the business address, Bpost delivers the package not inside the building, but directly to the boot of the employee’s car.

An app helps the Bpost worker locate the correct vehicle and unlock the boot. The app then locks it up again.

The employee is immediately sent a message informing them that their package has been delivered. The pilot project tested the procedure with company cars only, but, according to Bpost, all newer cars are fitted with technology that works with the app.

“The preliminary tests have been successful, with 70% of Cronos staff in support of in-car delivery,” Barbara Van Speybroeck of Bpost told VRT. “We’re now looking for other companies to further test the system.”

Image courtesy VRT

Written by Lisa Bradshaw


Frank Lee

- Allo? Jef? I tried opening the boot of a car for a delivery, and I heard a bleep, but it didn't open.
- Is it a Porsche, by any chance?
- Yes, how did you know?
- Check the front of the car...

Jun 19, 2019 14:40