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bpost delivery time for a parcel from Brussels to Ireland


How much time does bpost take to send a parcel from Brussels to Ireland?They had informed of 3-5 working days but it is been 7 days today and my parcel has not been received in Ireland.
I do not have a tracking number. Hence, I am a bit worried.


I sent Christmas cards to the US in mid-December, and they all arrived last week. Literally all of them. I'm not saying your package will be delayed by two months, but I definitely wouldn't be worried about seven days.

Feb 14, 2018 16:53

The parcel could have been in Ireland the day after you sent it and the delay is over there. You have no way of knowing.

Feb 14, 2018 17:18

Last week I received a parcel from Ireland two weeks after a friend sent it. Usually takes 2-3 days. I notice in the past year that post to and from Ireland has gotten very slow.

Feb 14, 2018 17:29

Back in November, posting a small box at 09.30 am at the post office on Chaussee de d'Ixelles, just up from H&M, to an address in Central Dublin took less than 48 hours. I was amazed!

But I also posted a box in December from Braine L'Alleud to to an address near Tralee, and it took nearly three weeks. I wasn't very pleased!

Feb 14, 2018 18:52