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Boulevard du Jardin Botanique is deadliest traffic street in Brussels

19:55 10/05/2021

Belgian traffic institute Vias has created a list of the deadliest streets in Brussels in terms of traffic accidents. At the top of the list is the Boulevard du Jardin Botanique, part of Brussels’ inner ring road.

Vias looked at the number of accidents on Brussels roads in which people died or were seriously injured in 2019. A total of 39 such accidents occurred on Boulevard du Jardin Botanique (pictured).

A distant second place went to Boulevard Emile Bockstael in Laeken, a two-kilometre thoroughfare that runs from the Stuyvenbergh metro station near Sobieski Park to the Jubilé Bridge near Tour & Taxis. The number of accidents that led to death or serious injuries was 29.

Laeken, with its longer avenues and hence faster-moving traffic, also gives us number three: Avenue Houba de Strooper, which runs alongside the King Baudouin Stadium. It was good for 25 bad accidents last year.

The rest of the streets in Brussels’ top 10 are Boulevard Leopold II 3 in Molenbeek, the Uccle section of Chaussée d’Alsemberg, Rue des Colonies in Brussels-City, the part of Chaussée de Waterloo that runs along Bois de la Cambre, Avenue Rogier in Schaerbeek, Quai de Willebroeck in the canal area, Rue Marie-Christine back in Laeken, and Rue Théodore Verhaegen in Saint-Gilles.

Vias created the list to alert authorities to areas where additional infrastructure and certainly more speed checks are needed.

Photo courtesy Google


Written by Lisa Bradshaw



And again...
Only French names of streets etc.
I'm fed up with you lot ! ! !

May 11, 2021 23:32
Frank Lee

Dan, please don't yell at them, and if you do, please yell words that actually exist. Discrimation isn't a word in English. Maybe you meant discrimination?

May 12, 2021 12:31