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A very Goodmorning all,
Not here to point out at someone but I am very tired of my boss. The person make me feel bad always and every single thing I do i wrong and then i receive nice words either in office if not then via emails and no matter how best i do I am wrong.

Do not know how to handle situation. I do my best to be good effecient but seems my best is not enough to make boss happy. He is really making me feel sad everyday i live.


The only way of dealing with a bullying boss is to remove the boss from above you. You can either prove it (it is illegal), find another job (maybe move departments), wait until you are fired, or go on sick leave through stress.
The usual outcome is that the boss gets there first and you get fired.
I know that's not going to help much, but without being in your shoes and knowing the people and circumstances involved, it is impossible to give specific advice. You might, however, find someone you can talk to confidentially, either through HR, your union, or the CHS helpline.

May 4, 2012 10:07