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Book recommendations for moving to US


A friend of mine who is German is marrying and moving to Augusta, Georgia. She is not someone who would otherwise move to the US, tho she likes it and has visited for up to 18months at a time. She's also never been to the South, and to top it off she'll be a military wife.

I'd like to buy her a book or 2 or 3 and am looking for recommendations:
1) General historical/cultural overview of Georgia/the South (think Bill Bryson style)
2) If it exists, something specific for Germans or Europeans moving to the US. Not totally focused on practical details, but more how things are different, how to navigate.

I heard there is a large German community in Greer, SC since BMW is there. Anyone know if there is a website for them?



From a quick use of google

Dec 15, 2011 13:18