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Bongo gift box/Paris


Looking forward to book Novitel hotel in Paris from a Bongo gift box, the "Logeren & Dineren" one. There are two alternatives on the website, Novotel La Defense and Novotel Rueil Malmaison.

Which one is better arriving by car? From the infos I gathered, La Defense is closer to town and can have a nice view, but parking is expensive. Novotel Rueil Malmaison has cheaper parking but I'm afraid it's more far away from the center for just a weekend...

Looking for recommendations and experiences.

me in belgium

La Defense is a business area so not a pleasant area to be during the weekend.  Rueil la Maison is a pretty town with a small 'chateau' where Josephine Boharnais lived well worth a visit if you are interested in that type of thing.  The RER will take you straight into the centre of Paris within 20 minutes and is in expensive.  

Sep 24, 2011 19:16