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In Spain they have a bleach (lejia) product called lejia neutrex. If you have for example a white and navy stripy top, and the white bits go all dark, you put it in lejia neutrex and the white becomes whiter and the navy blue stays navy blue.

Is there an equivalent here?


Bleach here is called Javel. It is MUCH stronger than the bleach sold in the US (don't know about Spain). I have been told Javel is used more often for household cleaning than laundry. There are also bleach tablets available at Delhaize and Carrefour (tarax javel pastilles). They are pricey, 6€ for 45 tablets, but I love them. I think you want color transfer papier, and, yes, that is available at Delhaize.

Sep 24, 2011 11:56