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Bicycle use in Brussels continues to rise says Pro Velo

15:33 08/02/2024

The number of cyclists continues to increase in the capital along with the use of cargo bikes, according to a study by cycling nonprofit Pro Velo, reports RTBF.

It observed a 13.9% rise in the number of cyclists in 2023, a slightly higher growth than the 12.6% average increase from 2010 to 2023.

The number of children riding their own bikes continues to decline, says Pro Velo, which promotes cycling in Brussels and Wallonia.

Meanwhile, the number of bicycles equipped for transport is increasing. They represented 26% of all bikes observed in 2023, a rise of 13% compared to 2022. Some 42% of them were cargo bikes.

Not surprisingly, the use of electric bicycles is following a similar upward trend, representing 41% of all bicycles observed during rush hour, compared to 20% in 2019.

Almost three in four respondents cycled to work in 2023, and a similar number reported using their bike at least five times a week.

The average distance cycled was 6.06 kms, although this varied according to the type of bicycle. Respondents in possession of an electric bike covered an average of 6.98 kms, while those with a conventional bike travelled 5.49 kms.

The study also noted that 92% of cyclists had pursued higher education.

Nearly one in three respondents said that in the past two years at least one of their bikes had been stolen. This represented a 10.2% increase compared to 2022.

Some 30.9% of cyclists surveyed said they had experienced at least one cycling accident in the past two years. A car was involved in half of these accidents.

Photo: Courtesy Pro Velo

Written by The Bulletin