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Best sport shops in Brussels


Which is the best sports-shop in Brussels?

I am a bit disappointed with the small shops I have found so far. Isn't there somewhere in BXL a shop with a large selection of high quality gear? I am interested in outdoor equipment, including for trailrunning etc.

Thank you in advance, R.

From the archives

There is no such thing as the best sports shop, as this is subjective and bound to change from person to person. I'd take a smaller selection and quality advice over a big surface such as Decathlon, for instance.

Anyway, for trail running, Entre Terre et Ciel or AS Adventure could do the trick. For great advice with a smaller selection, head to Jogging Plus near Trone or to Watermolen in Overjise.

Also have a look here:ét.

Aug 23, 2011 16:15