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Belgium’s GhostSeekers booked solid as people at home all day hearing things

18:24 30/10/2020

The Belgian Paranormal Investigators report that they are booked solid for the next two years, with calls pouring in since the coronavirus crisis started. “People are home more and at times when they weren’t at home much before,” explained Wim Coppens to VRT news. “They suddenly experience noises or reflections in the house that they never noticed before.”

What, you never heard of the Belgian Paranormal Investigators? Well, they’ve been around for 10 years and will come to your home to investigate noises or lights or shadows or anything else that’s troubling you.

Also known as the GhostSeekers and based just outside Brussels, the group has in fact discovered the presence of forces that they cannot explain. But not most of the time, admitted Coppens, who founded BPI in 2010.

“I always first try to find a scientific explanation for what is going on,” he said. “Old pipes in the wall, for instance, or flickering lights that are being made by passing cars outside.”

Who you gonna call?

BPI has a wealth of instruments on hand to perform investigations in case all other explanations fail. These include infrared sensors, electromagnetic field radiation detectors and night-vision cameras.

Four out of five times, they don’t even need them – the reason for the unknown sound or apparition soon reveals itself. But the other 20% of the time, the metres go off, and they conclude that there is ‘something’ in the room.

Unlike those famous Ghostbusters of movie lore, who could imprison ghosts in a specially made vault, the BPI team cannot actually do anything to rid you of your presence. They can only confirm – or disprove – that it is there.

The team is not making housecalls right now because of the coronavirus, but when they pick it up again, they have no shortage of homes lined up. These days “I try to put people at ease when they call,” said Coppens. “They describe things they are hearing or seeing, and usually, based on my experience, I can explain it right away.”

And if you think they are just cheating the gullible, think again. Their service is absolutely free.

Written by Lisa Bradshaw