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Belgium scores badly for women leaders in civil service

10:12 06/08/2018

Belgium is the worst-ranked country in Europe for women in top-level civil service jobs, new figures from the European Institute for Gender Equality reveal.

Only 10% of the top rank of Belgian civil servants are women, compared with a European average of 23%. There is only one woman at the top of the Federal Public Services - Isabelle Mazzara (pictured), who heads the interior ministry.

In the second tier of civil service management, 23% of posts are occupied by women against the European average of 43%.

Since 2012, a royal decree in Belgium has set a minimum quota of one third of women in the highest spheres of the civil service. Last year, 29% of civil service management jobs were carried out by women.

Photo: Laurie Dieffembacq/Belga

Written by The Bulletin



As a taxpayer and citizen, it's difficult to work out how, when most government jobs in this country exist in duplicate, triplicate or more, the government still can't manage to do a better job on equality.

Aug 6, 2018 13:06