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Belgium nationality Gap problem


Hi dear people

I have question regarding Radiation. In simple words I get remove from my commune after 6 year of legal residence in this 6 year I work full time from last 3 year from 2015 till now i do language test courses with bon everything what requires to obtain Belgium nationality . when i go to my commune for applying my nationality they said I get radia from commune I have to wait again 5 year I explain them I don't leave Belgium the time I get radia I explain them I get radia only 1 month Because I change my house I can find place to register before I am sharing house with one friend we both have to look for new house .I shifted with one friend of my he said I can live with him and look for new house but I cannot register address I said ok my old commune cut my address from their records I call them explain them also i cannot find new house to register my address they said it's not their problem . the time they removed me from records i am working full time . now i have house i registered my self in my new commune but they are not accepting my application CAN ANY ONE ADVISE ME WHAT U CAN DO IN THIS SITUATION I HAVE ALL PROOF FROM WORK MY WORK ALSO .



The problem is once you leave an apartment and new tenants move in when they register the commune removes your records and put new tenants. You shouldn't have stayed without an official address. I think its also illegal. Do you have the 5 years card? Maybe you could ask a lawyer for advise you might be able to prove you were resident but I guess it might be difficult.

Dec 15, 2017 21:03

When you move, you have to register your new address. You HAVE to stay registered. If there's a small gap, you can appeal. If it's a long(ish) gap, the counter is reset.

BTW - If you've worked for long enough, no language test required.

Dec 15, 2017 23:08

Why didn't you register with your friend?
It's completely allowed to register with friends you know.

I'm afraid you've caused this situation yourself and you won't be able to overcome this as you've effectively removed yourself from the national register by moving out and not registering where you moved to. Your gap is too large. A few days they'd allow.

Dec 16, 2017 00:33

Dear people thank u all for reply to me .

My gap is one and half month . I am working the time I get radiction and I also attending courses with Bon. Same months I get radiction I registered my self for many house renting company's i have proof also .i cannot registerd my address with my friend Because he have small apartment he is living with his family he help me for time being I cannot find house only 4 address legally he can put . And yes I have 5 year card F when i get radiction now commune give me new card call card C Because they speak i live more then 5 year so I have right on card C . but for nationality I don't know what to do they give me card C after my radiction. I have one good news my commune accept my application after I provided ALL PROOF but I don't know what Mr Judge will decide I attach letter from OBJECTIVE ALSO where they write about my situation so I don't know what it will be answer from JUDGE.

Dec 17, 2017 02:46

I don't understand your reasoning behind not registering. I had a friend register with me no problems, no-one asked what size my house was! She was only there 2 months and no problems at all, similar situation, between her own apartments, it kept her registered.

Dec 17, 2017 17:36

It seems that your partner kicked you out of the appartment and reported you at the commune not being anymore resident. You have to register somewhere asap in order not to loose your status in Belgium. I think it will be very hard for you for nationality but at least you have to keep your status and work

Dec 17, 2017 20:01